2. Borough & Bankside CC

Proposals for the future of Borough High Street

1. Community Street Audit – Borough High Street CSA

2. Vision for Borough High Street that was produced by a large number of local groups

Vision for Borough High Street 2010


More generally we feel that this is a lovely historic part of Southwark but…

There are many problems with Borough High Street:

1. Throughout Borough High Street, pavements are not nearly wide enough for the volumes of pedestrians.

2. Much of the pavement is dirty or in poor condition (from Bill in SE1).

3. Dangerous junction of BHS and St. Thomas St.

4. Construction traffic adds to pedestrian and cyclist danger.


2 Responses to “2. Borough & Bankside CC”

  1. RobinWire Says:

    I really like this plan. What is the current position and how does it fit into the neighbourhood plan?

    • southwarkls Says:

      Hi Robin – A lot of the things that we have discussed over the years and which are included in these documents are included as part of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan in relation to public realm and walking and cycling routes etc. Hopefully TfL will also look at this corridor once again as part of its junction reviews in relation a) to the junction of BHS and Duke Hill St and Tooley St, b) BHS and St Thomas St and c) BHS and Southwark St.

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