Southwark Living Streets & Southwark Cyclists’ Campaign for Sustainable Transport

Future Southwark…

The Campaign for Sustainable Transport


  • Civilised town centres
  • A 20mph speed limit
  • More walking and cycling
  • Re-allocation of road space.

How & Why?

Southwark Living Streets & Southwark Cyclists want to…

  • Revitalise our town centres by making them much more attractive places – for visiting, shopping, meeting, and simply passing the time. To take the Walworth Road approach and make streets safer, and much easier to cross – by reducing vehicle speeds, widening pavements, providing more seating and creating a greener, more civilised environment with more trees.

Wider pavements, trees and cycle parking on the Walworth RdWider pavements, trees and cycle parking on the Walworth Rd

  • Reduce road casualties by working towards a speed limit of 20mph on all roads in Southwark. Most casualties occur on our main roads. Many pedestrian and cyclists casualties are caused by the excessive speed of cars, vans, motorbikes and lorries. For places to flourish, cyclists and pedestrians need to feel safe and be safe. This needs to include the removal of all roadside guardrailing and other features that encourage higher speeds. The default speed limit for the borough should be 20mph.
  • Encourage walking and cycling in Southwark. Cycling is popular now in Southwark but not nearly as popular as it should be. We want a townscape that encourages more people to cycle throughout their lives. In many towns and cities in north-west Europe a quarter or more journeys are made by bicycle. Dedicated and protected lanes on or close to the main arterial roads between town centres make cycling an efficient and attractive option for both commuters and less confident cyclists. The provision of large amounts of secure parking at the workplace and other destinations raises the profile of cycling and makes using a bike a practical option for all types of journey.

Based on the Northern European experience, we want:

  • a network of safe cycle routes along or close to the main roads across Southwark
  • cycle parking provision at all destinations
  • cycle contraflows down all one-way streets.

Cycle lane on Cable St in Tower HamletsProtected cycle lane on Cable St in Tower Hamlets

  • Encourage a re-evaluation of the amount of space given to motor vehicles. There are many places where roads take up inappropriately large amounts of space (the Bricklayers Arms flyover and roundabout is a notable example). These places need to be reshaped and rehumanised so that motor vehicles are able to circulate but not dominate the urban environment.

Bricklayers ArmsBricklayers Arms Flyover

Bricklayers ArmsBricklayers Arms Roundabout

What you can do…

  • Join us and come along to one of our monthly meetings.
  • Write to your local Councillor and MP to ask what s/he is doing to promote and support walking and cycling in Southwark/ask him/her to support the campaign.
  • Write to your local paper and ask them to support the campaign.
  • Contact Southwark Council to praise initiatives that make the streetscape more attractive and safer to all users – tell us and them about the places that you think are particularly good or that most need improving.

If you would like to know a little more about this, we have produced a document called Connected Southwark which you can see by clicking on the link below.

Connected Southwark-pdf

Southwark Living Streets & Southwark Cyclists – local pedestrians and cyclists working together for better places and a better future.