Goodbye to West Walworth’s Mini-roundabouts (SE17)

In the dim and distant past, three mini-roundabouts were created in West Walworth SE17 to co-incide (oddly) with the area becoming a 20mph zone. The only trouble is that mini-roundabouts make traffic go faster as vehicles don’t have to slow down for junctions any more and they make life more difficult for pedestrians and cyclists who have longer distances to cross as more space needs to be created for vehicles at each of the entrances/exits for the roundabout.

The three mini-roundabouts in West Walworth – one at the junction of Manor Place and Chapter Rd, one outside St Paul’s School on Penrose St and one at the centre of an enormous space on Manor Place at the junction of Penton Place – are now about to be consigned to history. The good news is that the last one is finally about to be removed and the plans below show just how much carriageway space is being saved and how much shorter crossing distances will be for pedestrians and cyclists.

Here are a few before and after pics to show the difference removing mini-roundabouts can make.


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