Call to Redesign Cycle Superhighway 5

Local groups Southwark Living Streets, Southwark Cyclists and RoadPeace call for a redesign of the proposed east-west Cycle Superhighway 5 which will run through Peckham and Camberwell to make it far safer.Read our ideas here Redesign Cycle Superhighway 5


Improving St George’s Circus – Recreating The Gateway To London.

A number of local groups in Southwark have got together to propose sweeping improvements for this historic location. For too long this historic gateway to the Elephant and the river that is home to Southwark’s obelisk has been dominated by cars and motor traffic. Local people want to see it become a place that encourages people on foot and cyclists too and becomes a rightful destination again.








Read the report here – St George’s Circus Report

Meeting – Thursday 19th July

The meeting notes are downloadable here. SLSMeetingMins-19Jul12