Safer Roads at the Elephant & Castle

In the past two and a half years, almost 300 people have been killed and injured on the roads in and around the Elephant & Castle. Four pedestrians have died on these roads since Christmas 2011. The most recent of these tragedies was the death of 5 year old Hichame Bouadimi, killed by a lorry on St George’s Road. Local people demand that Transport for London takes immediate steps to make these roads safer. We call on Transport for London to 1) introduce enforced 20mph speed limits on all of these roads, 2) improve cycle safety on the Northern Roundabout, 3) create more pedestrian crossings and 4) narrow carriageways on St George’s Road and Newington Causeway.

Please sign the petition and call on Transport for London to make these changes. Link to petition


If you would like to learn more about the danger from roads in the Elephant & Castle area, please read our short report below.










GLA Road Safety Plan

Southwark Living Streets made a submission to this consultation in the file below.


Improving Access For Motor Scooter Users

Please find attached the report prepared by Bill Jackson on ways to improve the conditions for users of Motorised Scooters in Southwark.


Improving Borough High Street

Below is a link to short report that has been drawn together by Southwark Living Streets from the comments of many local people and groups.

We are keen to ensure that the momentum for making improvements to Borough High Street is not lost in the light of all the development which is going on in and around the local area.

A major catalyst for this report is our fears about danger to pedestrians and cyclists at the Borough High Street junctions with St Thomas St linked to the re-opening of the new frontage of Borough Market and the imminent opening of The Shard. Every day thousands of new journeys which will be made across these junctions on foot – there remains no green man crossing at the junction of Borough High St and St Thomas St.








We and other groups renew our call for safety improvements at these junctions and more generally for the street to balance better the needs of those who live, work and shop on it with those who pass through it by motor vehicle.

Improving Borough High St-Oct12