20mph Southwark

In an historic full Council Assembly meeting on Weds 28th November, Southwark’s Councillors (almost unanimously) adopted a motion to make Southwark a 20mph borough on all the roads it manages (ie all except TfL’s Red Routes). The Cabinet still needs to ratify the decision and it will of course take time to implement but this is a major and bold step in helping Southwark become a far more welcoming borough for walking and cycling.
The full motion which was proposed by Councillor Helen Hayes and seconded by Councillor Mark Glover covered the following principal elements:

·         For Southwark to become a 20mph borough.

·         To call on the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to ensure police enforce 20mph speed limits.

·         To call on TfL to give greater flexibility and support for the use of average speed cameras.

·         For more to be done to make TfL operated roads safer, and for greater transparency for TfL’s review of dangerous junctions in Southwark.

Well done Southwark Council.


Campaign For Safer Roads at the Elephant & Castle – Day of Action Friday 16th November

We have totted the petition signatures up and we now have a total of 2,181 for the campaign. These are made up of 1,439 paper petitions (almost all from Friday’s Day of Action) and 742 online (up almost 250 since Friday (partly due to Danny Williams’ excellent blog post http://cyclelondoncity.blogspot.co.uk)).

Special thanks to Borough Babies, the London Cycling Campaign and RoadPeace for their beautifully judged and moving vigil as well as the many Southwark Councillors who came along during the day.

November Meeting – Thursday 15th Nov

Southwark Living Streets Meeting – Thursday 15th November 2012 at 7pm. Please find the notes from the meeting below