September Meeting (17th Sept 7pm) – Southwark Council Walking Strategy

Please find the notes from our September meeting in the file below.


Our next meeting will be held at the Royal Oak PH on Thursday 15th OCtober.


If you have a spare minute do have a look at the link below which shows the impact that pro-people improvements can make to cities around the world. It is all pictures!


One Response to “September Meeting (17th Sept 7pm) – Southwark Council Walking Strategy”

  1. christine rogers Says:

    Unfortunately, away on date of meeting. Apologies. However, would there be any chance of addressing the problem of adult cyclists on pavements, preventing safe access to pavements for pedestrians? (Maybe clear signs as reminders?) Elderly and disabled are increasingly staying indoors, due to being ridden into outside their own gates or along their short walk to local shops particularly in Dulwich Village. Their other option is increasingly to go out in the car, for safer trips out! Surely this can’t be healthy for anyone? Any chance of safety or encouragement for walkers or pedestrians? This is a particular, growing problem in Dulwich.

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