Copenhagen Style Crossings

We really like the crossovers that have been created by TfL as part of the CS7 improvement works at Kennington which give far clearer prioirity to pedestrians.


CS7-Xover-16Aug15 (1)CS7-Xover-16Aug15 (2)CS7-Xover-16Aug15 (3)


Southwark Living Streets – October News

  1. SLS October Meeting.


Please find the notes of the October meeting below. Our next meeting is Thursday 19th November at the Royal Oak PH, 44 Tabard St London SE1 4JU. The meeting starts at 7pm.



  1. Cleaner Greener Safer Funding 16/17


The application for the CGS funding bids can be downloaded and completed at:


  1. Peckham Pedestrian Town Centre Safety Project


The initial consultation form for this major pedestrian safety initiative from TfL and Southwark Council can be completed at:


It takes about 5 minutes to fill in. Please do take part in this if you have time as it is the start of a potentially London wide approach to improving pedestrian safety and walking conditions in town centres.


  1. Cycling Consultations


Southwark Council are consulting (until 1st November) on a route from Blackfriars Rd to Tower Bridge Road (known as the Jubilee Cycle Grid Route). This is really worth taking a few minutes to look at and complete as these proposals have the potential to deliver a number of improvements that we have campaigned for over the years as well as a large number of other benefits for pedestrians (slower vehicle speeds, greening and road closures).


The consultation can be found at


This being looked at in 4 sections by Southwark: