Southwark Living Streets – June 2017 Meeting

Thursday 15th June 7pm.

Meet at: Social Life, 12a Peacock Yard, Iliffe Street, London, SE17 3LH. The venue is not accessible (1st floor up steep stairs).

We are meeting at Social Life so that we can look at their exhibition and chat about their work.

7.00 Introduction to Social Life

7.30 Walk around area.

8.00 SLS meeting – continue Health Streets discussion


Social Life say:

How we feel in a location is an incredible asset to understand the places we live in, however this is often overlooked. We would like to invite you on a walk looking at the psychology of streets and urban spaces in Newington Ward.

We would like to share our thoughts with Southwark Living Streets to discuss why we think psycho-geography matters.

This walk will be part of a broader research project into the feelings of places in collaboration with Colin Ellard and the Urban Realities Laboratory.




AOB: Discuss sharing the running of SLS. We need a note-taker and venue organiser. These can be shared roles.



Action Points from meeting May 2017

Present: Peter Wright (Chair), Lorraine Hilton, Christine Sheard, Alastair Hanton, Jeremy Leach, Dean Chandler, Erina Rayner, Clare Armstrong, Terry Hanafin, Euan Wingfield, Annie Wingfield, Craig Stansfield, Ewan Oliver (Lendlease), Ciron Edwards (Iceni), Pete Wood, Barbara Pattinson.


Presentation by Ciron Edwards, and Ewan Oliver of LendLease giving an update on the Elephant Park. In particular the design of Ash Avenue as a pedestrian/cycling way. They are seeking 6 car parking spaces for 384 residential properties.

The group went to the opening of the Newington Estate lighting installed as part of Walk Elephant.

We then held a discussion on the 10 indicators of the Health Streets initiative.


  1. Cyclehoop. Visit to Cyclehoop HQ in Forest Hill organised by Alastair. Lorraine, Erina and Barbara keen to go.
  2. London Play. Nine schools signed up and one event has already been held. Meeting agreed unanimously to donate £1,000 of the £2,000 gift from Open Streets for toys to support the London Play events.
  3. Peter to circulate response to the Canada Water consultation from SLS.