TfL Consultation – Marshalsea Road/Borough High Street

TfL are currently consulting on changes to the junction outside Borough Tube Station:

The scheme finally delivers the long awaited and long promised green-man crossing between St George the Martyr Church and Brandon House on the north-east side of the junction but does little to improve pedestrian and cycling safety and seems far from the goals of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and the creation of Healthy Streets.


If you have a minute, we would be grateful if you could make these points about the scheme in the online survey at the bottom of the consultation page:

1) The creation of a formal crossing on the north-eastern arm of the junction is welcome but overall the scheme proposed is not compliant with the draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy and Healthy Streets and fails to put those on foot and those who are cycling first.

2) We object to the creation of and retention of staggered crossings for pedestrians. The promised improvements for pedestrians have been sacrificed to keep vehicle flows through the junction as high as possible.

3) Improvements are needed for pedestrians outside Borough Tube Station. This is an extremely cluttered location and more space is needed for the large numbers of pedestrians which use this space every day. The left turn lane into Marshalsea Road could be reduced in size/removed to create more space for pedestrians.

4) The conditions for people cycling are poor and not are improved sufficiently by the proposed scheme. Lead-in lanes to the Advanced Stop Lines are needed and the risks from traffic turning left across the large numbers of people cycling north and south through the junction need to be addressed.

5) A 20mph speed limit is needed throughout this area and the road needs to be designed to ensure compliance with the lower limit.

The full and detailed consultation response is:


Thanks for all your help with this. The deadline foor comments is 11th December

The proposed layout of the junction is shown below: