Manor Place SE17

This page provides a little information about the Manor Place Terrace.

Local groups are keen to have a voice in its redevelopment and have created some simple principles they would like to see followed:

1. Access to local services. In order to ensure that we retain local services, any disposal needs to consider the need for retail provision in the local area as well as some elements of other community provision (there was talk at one time of introducing a GP surgery or similar into the redevelopment); of real use would be community facilities that can be hired out and can be of use to the wide variety of local groups. The retail element is particularly important owing to the distance to the nearest local services from the parade for a number of local estates and streets (See the map below).

2. Retention of the Victorian facade. The terrace has value as an example of our fast disappearing Victorian heritage Walworth. It is the now only Victorian terrace of its kind in the local area and remains an attractive setting for the former Surrey Gardens park with all the connotations that has as a famous Victorian pleasure garden.  Although English Heritage were unwilling to list the terrace a few years ago they talked of its heritage value (see the letter below).

3. Improving access to Pasley Park. Here is an opportunity to improve the north-west entrance to the park where the service road currently slices into the park and makes that entrance poor for visitors to the park and all those who walk through it.

4. Improving Manor Place. Some of the money from the development should be used to continue the improvements west of those proposed at the junction of Manor Place with Penton Place by slowing vehicle speeds, narrowing the carriageway and making crossing north-south across the road easier for pedestrians.



Walking Distances to Shops from Manor Place

English Heritage Letter – Page 2

English Heritage Letter Page 1

The Manor Place Terrace


3 Responses to “Manor Place SE17”

  1. Jean Kittel Says:

    Dug up small glass milk bottle from my garden,looks Victorian and embossed.DP Davies 181 Manor place walworth. SE17

    • Mick Elliott Says:

      Mr Davies ran a grocery shop at bottom end of Manor Place on the corner with Stopford Road. Mum sent me to buy our ham for Saturday lunch there – carved off the bone. This was late 1950s.

  2. Kristina Spencer Says:

    Yes, I remember it well. We lived opposite, above Bernie Phillips shop. 179 Manor Place. Mum worked for Bernie and his brother Harry in the grocery shop. I remember the milk being delivered from the dairy daily. Happy days.

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