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The Historic Area Assessment of the Walworth road can be found at:




E&C SPD. Map of Heritage Assets




Update – 1st November 2011.

The work of the FoCPG is now at an end owing to the Planning Inspector’s decision to allow development of the Garden but we had a fantastic response to our campaign and many people said that what we need is a body to represent the whole of Walworth in terms of its heritage, its open spaces, the local people and its communities and its future development.
We propose, therefore, to establish a Walworth Society with exactly these aims and we held a meeting on Monday 17th October both formally to dissolve the FoCPG and to discuss the formation of a Walworth Society. If you would like to read the notes of the issues that were discussed at the meeting they are in the word file below along with a draft of a constitution for a Walworth Society – give us your comments if you think it should be changed before it is adopted.
We are now planning to hold a meeting on Tuesday 22nd November starting at 7pm at the Consultation Hub at 182-184 Walworth Rd. Our plan is to adopt a constitution at that meeting and to start our work as a local society. Do come along if you can.

Update – 5th May 2011

We have been notified of the Planning Inspectorate’s decision over the development proposals for Carter Place Garden. We are very disappointed to report that they have decided to grant the appeal and permit the development. The decision appears in the pdf below:

Planning Inspector Decision-04May11

The Friends Committee will be meeting shortly to discuss our response to this but we would like to thank you all so much for your support and commitment to this campaign. Although the permission has been granted, it was most certainly through the concern and pressure brought by you all which led to the reduction in size of the development and the imposition of suitable archaeological conditions to ensure anything of interest on the site is responsibly recorded. Furthermore, the active campaign which we have all been involved in has had a definite impact within our Community Council and has been the catalyst for much discussion over local policy with regards to local green spaces and local heritage. Many thanks again for your support.

Update – 26th April 2011

At the Planning Inspector’s visit on the 13th we were able to enter and take a couple of pics from on the inside!



Update – 18th March 2011

Please find the minutes of our meeting on the 16th March in this word file



Update 3rd March 2011.

Our next Friends of Carter Place Garden Meeting will be on Wednesday 16th March at 7pm at the St Paul’s Church, Lorrimore Square SE17 3QU.

Please do come along – everyone is very welcome.


Update – 16th February 2011

As you may know (see below) , the developer of the Garden has decided to appeal to the Planning Inspector in order to further their attempt to develop the Garden.
We now, therefore, have to turn our attention to fighting the developer’s appeal and the looming deadline for submissions to the Planning Inspector (Thurs 24th Feb).
If you feel able to then this is how to do it…
All comments must be received by the Inspector by Thursday 24th February.
a) How To Make Comments to the Planning Inspector. There are 2 methods – by letter or online.
If you wish to send a physical letter, you need to send 3 copies to:
The Planning Inspector
3/19 Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Bristol BS1 6PN.
You need to quote the reference number APP/A5840/A/11/2143363/NWF
If you want to submit comments online you need to follow these instructions. It is not quite as daunting as it looks and is easier than sending 3 copies in writing (probably!).
Where it says search for a case
At Case Reference, enter: 2143363
Click on Case Reference APP/A5840/A/11/2143363
Towards the bottom of the page click on the upper of the two links that say
Comment on this case
In Your Details Select Interested Party/Person
(Probably) Say No to Have you previously submitted comments online?
And then go from there firstly filling in the personal details. Later on you can either fill in your comments on the online form or attach a document such as a letter.
You should be sent a confirmation email.
b) What to say. It would be great for people to say what they feel will be lost to them, but the following are the themes that we are suggesting people might wish to mention in their comments to the Planning Inspector:
1. Threat to the Environment. Loss of green space in an urban area (last green space on the Walworth Rd). Loss of biodiversity.
2. Loss of Amenity. Loss of visual amenity for those who walk past or who travel on the buses in terms of views etc. Loss of physical amenity in terms of sitting in the garden and planting flower, shrubs etc.
3. History. The historical importance of this 200 yr old garden and views of 100 year old police station with all its local associations.
4. Archaeology. The threat to possible remains of medieval Walworth and the ancient route that passes through here.
Two other bits of news…
1. There is a special Walworth Community Council meeting on how better to protect and make use of our Green Spaces on Tuesday 1st March 2011, 6.30pm at Walworth Methodist Church, 54 Camberwell Road, SE5 0EN. Please do come along if you can.
2. Our next full Friends of Carter Place Garden Meeting will be on Wednesday 16th March at 7pm at the St Paul’s Church, Lorrimore Square SE17 3QU.
Many thanks for all your interest and support.

Update 10th February 2011

Some good news.

At last night’s meeting of the Walworth Community Council Planning Meeting, the local Councillors stood up for their local community and ignored the advice of the Southwark Council Planning Officers and decided to fight the appeal that the Carter Place Garden developer has made to the Planning Inspector.

This means that:

1. The fight to save the garden goes on and the community is more  determined than ever to succeed.

2. We should get the chance to present our arguments in favour of the garden to the Inspector.

Two important dates coming up:

1. By February 24th all submissions to the Planning Inspector need to be in. We will give details of how to do this in the next day or so.

2. On 1st March at 7pm (at the Walworth Methodist Church, 56 Camberwell Rd, SE5 0EN), there will be a special meeting of the Walworth Community Council discussing Parks and Open Spaces in the Walworth area. This should be a really valuable meeting to work out how to give our green spaces more protection and to get the most out of them.

We will send more details closer to the time. Do come along if you can; it should be a really positive and useful meeting.

Many thanks for all your support; do say if you don’t want to receive info any more.

31st January 2011 – Update.

The developer has now made an appeal to the Planning Inspector on the grounds that Southwark Council has not determined the original planning application quickly enough. We are now doing all that we can to fight this appeal and will keep everyone updated as soon as we can.

Meanwhile please find the notes of last week’s committee in this file

FoCPG-Committee Meeting Minutes-27Jan11

17th January 2011 – Friends of Carter Place Garden.

We are delighted to say that we had a very successful inaugural meeting of the Friends of Carter Place Garden on 12th January. Over 25 people came along and helped to form the Friends group and to agree a constitution for the group and elect officers and a committee.

Please find below the notes of the meeting (including the Constitution).

We are keen to have as many members of the Friends as possible to demonstrate the strength of support for this campaign. There is no charge for membership. We would ask you to simply send an email to us and state your name, home address and postcode and we will include you on our membership list.

Thank you so much for all your support.


5th January 2011 – Setting Up An Official Friends Group for Carter Place Garden.

To highlight the importance of this Garden and to strengthen our voice as a local community, we are now setting up an official Friends group dedicated to saving this historic green space. This group will give us a far stronger voice with Southwark Council.

Our first meeting is on Wednesday 12th January 2011 and starts at 7pm. The meeting is being held at Penrose House Tenants & Residents Hall on the Penrose Estate SE17 3EZ (close to Carter Place Garden).

At the meeting we will discuss:

  • Progress so far.
  • Next steps.
  • The long term future of the garden.

In addition we will appoint Officers and a Committee and adopt a constitution for the group.

We very much hope that local people will come along and, if they feel able, consider getting more involved.

LATEST NEWS – 18th November

At a packed Walworth Community Council Planning Meeting last night, the local Councillors voted to defer a decision on the application to build on the garden in order for further consultation to be undertaken by the Council and for more background information to be gathered.
This may sound disappointing but it is not. Had the planning application been rejected then almost certainly the developer would have immediately appealed the decision to the Planning Inspector and the application would be granted.
We now have more time to build the case against the development.
If you would like to read a fabulous blow-by-blow account of what happened then have a look at the excellent People’s Republic of Southwark weblink below (just right click to open in a new window/tab):
This is where the hard work starts now. The local Councillors really understand the significance of this garden, local people and people throughout Southwark really care about it while the planning authorities are trying to move it through the system as quickly as possible.
Do drop us a line (info@carterplace.co.uk) if you would like to get involved in any way. We now have an email list that we are using to keep people up to date. Please say if you would like to be on it.
Many thanks for all your support.


Carter Place Garden – the only green space on the Walworth Rd is under threat of development. On this page we provide the background to the garden and what makes it special and what people can do to help us fight the plans. Please do get involved.

1. Sign The Petition.

Please sign our petition at: http://www.gopetition.com/petition/40056.html

2. Fight The Planning Application.

If you can find an extra few moments then you can really make a difference to this campaign by emailing the Council at planning.applications@southwark.gov.uk and telling them you would like to see the garden preserved and not developed. Don’t forget to quote the planning application number 10-AP-2796 in your email.

Points you might like to make when emailing the Council could include:

  • This was a garden that has always been enjoyed by the community and it should be protected and never built on. The Walworth Road is much improved in recent years and shoppers and local residents would benefit tremendously from keeping its only green space.
  • All over the country high-streets are all starting to look the same. It is more important than ever that we keep a sense of our local identity and what makes our community special. This garden and the view of the historic Victorian station is an important part of our local character.
  • A detailed study is needed of the site itself. As it has never been built on, a full archaeological dig will reveal lots of interesting knowledge about our area. Also, as the developer has neglected the site for so long a detailed survey is needed of the rare plants and animals that may now be living there.
  • No thought has been given as to how the site will be serviced. Building the site alone will cause chaos right next by the Walworth Rd’s busiest bus-stop; there is no space for large lorries in Carter Place. How can the developers possibly service the shops and flats once the development is completed?
  • The building planned is utterly inappropriate to the site. It is a massive overdevelopment of a sensitive and valuable location which is surrounded by historic Victorian buildings.  This site should be protected in a conservation area.

To find out more about these plans you can simply follow the steps below:

1.    Go to this website: http://planningonline.southwarksites.com/planningonline2/

2.    Type in the number 10-AP-2796 into ‘Application Quick Search’ to see the details of the planning application.


The space in front of Carter Place Police Station on the Walworth Road has been a garden ever since the land was enclosed. It is unique in being the only green space along the Walworth Rd that has never been developed.

The garden won many prizes, was a source of local pride and was even visited by HM the Queen Mother.

When the local police moved from the site, the garden was bought by a developer and they have been trying to build on it ever since. Local people and Councillors have successfully fought this so far, but we are now coming to the showdown to try to stop our garden being obliterated under a massive and completely inappropriate development of shops and flats.

We have an alternative. Help us to get the site protected so that it remains as a garden for the people of Walworth and Southwark to enjoy once again.

Any questions please email Jeremy Leach at


or phone on 020-7252-5331

Many thanks for your support.

Below are some images that illustrate how far we have come…


Walworth House on Carter Place – pre-1910













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